Bespoke Home Insurance

Home Insurance

St. James's Place has made available the services of Gallagher and Aon. Gallagher offer a bespoke home insurance service, to our clients.


Insurance cover for large or higher valued homes and their contents, and also those that contain works of art or antiques in the contents schedule, is often complex in nature and requires experience and expertise to manage. Many clients are unaware of the dangers of being underinsured and the impact this can have on a claim settlement. If done properly one can obtain freedom from the restrictions and higher premiums associated with mass-market policies. Gallagher offer a complete range of services for private clients for their property and have access to a number of insurers that specialise in this area.

The expertise of Gallagher has already been demonstrated to me and I would like to introduce you to their services. They take the wider picture into account, and will work with you to ensure you receive a risk management and insurance based solution, tailored specifically to your individual circumstances without any unnecessary duplications in cover or inflexible policy conditions.

I am keen for you to take advantage of this service. I hope you will find the potential savings in cost, the more appropriate level of protection and the quality of their service to be of real value to you.

Please contact me if you would like the Gallagher representative that we work with, to get in touch.

Please note that the service offered by Gallagher are separate and distinct to those offered by St. James's Place.